Monday, March 29, 2004

But mainly I was busy ok?
I couldn't be bothered to post last week. Mainly because I was busy getting puked on, but also because it just felt pointless. I mean it is actually pointless isn't it? I might give up and write something useful for a change. Or start making up shit like Eurotrash. I think med students have a tendency to think that what happens on the wards is really worth telling. But it's not true. People like this are what I mean. I know plenty. Perfectly nice people, but completely certain that they are medics, therefore holy. In actual fact 90% of my day is spent trying to keep my eyes open in lectures given by NURSES. Yes NURSES. Who say things like, (extreme brummie accent) "..it's difficult to appreciayte the impact of diabetes on a paytients lyfe..." They should be banned from giving lectures to medics. Oh, and asking nurses whether it's OK to examine a patient. Not only do they ask to see your ID, they take a good long look at it to make sure you're not some paedophile with a stethoscope around his neck. WTF!? I swear I'm going to punch a nurse before I qualify. I can confidently say that at least 75% of them are stupid. Really. Anyway, I digress. The highlight of my day was ordering a tall Americano from here, and the main reason for this was that it smelt quite fresh. Go early is my advice.
Pakistani eh?
I think I've lead a somewhat deprived life, having never watched one of these videos. Are they cringeworthy? Cringing was why we watched The Office right?
Author's lounge on Amazon UK
Could be pretty cool. Does the American version lack this? I can't be bothered to check.
Not bad
But none of them struck me as particularly original.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I've spent the week seeing many of the smallprint conditions i've always ignored, hence I ought to get some dreaded reading done. But it's not all bad. At least the patients are cute.
It's a 25 word limit you understand
Green grocer's, do not they give you the yip's. I'd like to see them comma cropper. Give them colonic irrigation. I blame the parentheses. Full stop.

Gregor wakes up, late for work. Even worse, he's a beetle. His family is less than pleased, until finally he drops dead. Free at last!

The bluffer's guide to literature. I don't think they're helpful.
Dasani? Cancer?
The water, which was launched two weeks ago, labelled prominently as 'pure' and referred to by Coke executives as 'as pure as bottled water gets', was found to have illegally high levels of bromate, a chemical which the Food Standards Agency said could lead to an increased risk of cancer.

Monday, March 15, 2004

So Oprah Winfrey is Gabo too?
"Book Babe": A book critic who makes crude generalizations and cowers in the face of literature.

"Coetzee": To snarl during an interview. (Ex. The subject prefered to Coetzee rather than answer the stupid question.)

"drowning in Mitchell": Whereby the avid reader obtains the oeuvre of a "difficult" writer, with an overconfident swagger and the vain hope of being ahead of the curve, only to find themselves thoroughly confused by previous books (such as Ghostwritten) in anticipation of the next labryinthine title (e.g., The Cloud Atlas). (Ex. I thought I had the time for the Baroque Cycle and Cryptonomicon, but it looks like Neal has me drowning in Mitchell.)

The Literary Hipsters Handbook via the Mooress.

Friday, March 12, 2004

How to make your pet attractive to other cats..
Yes, they're the cat equivalent of Lee press-on nails. And what's scary is that someone out there thought this was a good enough idea to start manufacturing them.
Let's hope it catches on.
Talila Yodfat, the Israeli chain's human resources director, denies that Zinaty was fired for speaking Arabic but continues: "There is a directive known to all chain employees, that restaurant staff will speak, among themselves and with clients, only in the Hebrew language. This is in order to prevent discomfort felt by clients and staff, who mostly speak Hebrew.
I thought everyone knew that a Big Mac is more appetising served inHebrew.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

They're not a threat, but they'll still be interrogated, but probably not charged. Look, they're dodgy ok?
Two years of imprisonment, mind you, without having been charged for a crime, save for some vague language about "enemy" this, "combatant" that.
Low Culture has the required linkage.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

As promised...
Passed Obs and Gynae!
The exam was actually the longest practical / OSCE style exam I've ever had to go through, lasting 3.5 hours in total. You go round the stations in pairs: each station being a double station with two examiners, two sets of equipment etc, seperated by a curtain or a wall. Whoever gets there first gets to pick the nicer examiner!

Station 1: Viva on anaemia in pregnancy. Straightforward. The key in vivas being to say what you're 100% sure about (with a confident smile) and then wait for clues where you're unsure! (But make it look like they're trying to coax something so obvious out of you that you didn't care to mention it)
Station 2: Viva on Prolapse. Utterly destroyed by examiner
Station 3: Taking an obstetric history from woman in labour at 28 weeks! (how very realistic!)
Station 4: Abdominal exam on a pregnant rubber model. Getting SO sick of it now!
Station 5: Viva on (hateful) menopause and labour and preeclampsia amongst other things
Station 6-12: Written questions.
Station 13: Counselling a mother whose baby has TTN
Station 14: Taking a cervical smear from a foam/rubber pelvis. Completely messed it up! The (Egyptian) examiner however, seemed to love the sound of my name which he repeated throughout and then suddenly said, "OK, go! And don't worry I'll give you a good mark!" Nice one!

These exams are random in every way. I don't think I'd be any better than alot of the people who didn't pass. Anyway, I don't care, I've regained my freedom for a few weeks. Now, I ought to buy some suitable ties for paediatrics. Hating it already.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Mine really is better than most people
I myself own an iPod, but rarely dance around with it. In part because the earbuds would fall out (Does this happen to you? I think I may have narrow auditory canals) and in part because I'm just not all that prone to solitary rump-shaking. It's a failing on my part. Maybe if I were a silhouette I might dance more.
Isn't that the whole point of advertising?

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Suicide seemed the only way out - until he discovered Brahms, Elgar and Rachmaninov ...
But thankfully, Hollywood has stopped at three musical devices, saccharine creations of its own, that support the same scenes in all its movies. I recognise them as Sunset Over Cornfields, a passage designed to simulate the wafting of apple-pie fumes across a rustic porch where all is well; Precocious and Unrealistically Pretty Child With Tear in Eye, a heart-breaking passage designed to make lumberjacks cry; and Loner Triumphs Against Impossible Odds, the compulsory, vainglorious finale where a chastened world is again saved by someone who can't spell.
DBC Pierre in the Guardian
You have to subscribe to read it though!
She is moving to New York if she survives the winterJhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake gets a bit of a rough ride too. Good work Jessica Olin?
The new LRB is out...
For one thing, practically by definition, theories traffic in abstractions; they purport to see where the eye does not. Novels, by contrast, tend to be concerned with the surfaces of things; in particular, with how the surface of behaviour can reflect, exhibit, shape, express or stand for an underlying geography of emotions and motivations. So, in one of Henry James's novels, much is revealed when the heroine, out of character, overfills a cup of tea.
You can't argue with a novel: A Novel theory of consciousness by Dan Lloyd
Film Festival
The Birmingham Screen Festival is underway. I want to see some of these shorts but obviously not all of them. Which ones.. any ideas?
Let's see what Joe's going to see?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

For a full 8 weeks. This means I can get up at the usual time again and have the breakfast of my choosing whilst reading a newspaper for example. Then after wasting time in a non-specific kind of way, I can look for something real to do. Visit a friend perhaps, or watch a mid-day movie on Broad Street before shopping for some random item I don't know I need yet. Or maybe even bid for something on ebay. Like an ipod mini. (Arrived this morning. Very green and very tasty.)
Anyway, I might write something about my very long and (in parts) very amusing O & G exam at some point but it's still a little traumatic at the moment. You know what they say about debriefing and PTSD don't you? Exactly.
He also took cocaine
Blair makes no secret about where that led. 'I lied and I lied, and then I lied some more. I lied about where I had been, I lied about where I had found information, I lied about how I wrote the story,' he writes.

The New York Times reporter, sacked for making up stories last year, is at the centre of a new scandal as his tell-all memoir is about to hit bookshops.
Easy now..
"Perhaps the secret of getting children to read (or to keep on reading) is simple. It isn't to tell them the books on which to spend their time and energy. It's to give them the choice of what kind of reader - and therefore what kind of person - they want to be. "

Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right. Or healthy even. World Book Day is upon us people.
The frontpage photo is worth a look too
It's not that I believe al-Qa'ida incapable of such a bloodbath. But I ask myself why the Americans are rubbing this Sunni-Shia thing so hard.
Robert Fisk in the Indy today. Unfortunately you have to pay to access the full thing but zmag will have it soon. Or spend 60p!
Any ideas?
The Treasury Department, which forbids doing 'business' with countries (Iran, Cuba, Libya, Sudan, and North Korea, for instance) who are considered state sponsors of terrorism and are defined as our 'enemies,' notified editors and publishers that if they change one comma, word, or syntactical element in a document that came from a person who lives in a 'forbidden' country, they may be charged with 'trading with the enemy,' a crime that carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison and a fine of $500,000.
There must be a point to this but I'm missing it.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Mel Gibson, Christ, anti-semitism, artistic liberties and so forth..
Before discussing whether the film is anti-Semitic, I want to first define that term as I intend to use it. In the context of movies, I think anti-Semitism can be loosely defined as the uncritical use of negative stereotypes about Jewish people, the advocacy of hatred towards or bigotry against Jews, or, in the case of a film like this one, the promotion of the idea that the Jews, as a religious/racial/ethnic group, were and/or are responsible for the death of Christ. (I acknowledge my definition may not be not be exhaustive for all cases, but maybe it suffices for this context.)

A review of sorts.

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