Wednesday, October 15, 2003

When I started med school I was sure I wanted to be a surgeon. Almost 6 years have passed and I'm not sure whether any of these exciting career prospects are worth the effort. Even at this 'early' stage of med school finals... For a single Med or surg OSCE you have to annotate entire textbooks, examine hundreds of patients who are in no need (or mood) to be examined, consume vast amounts of coffee and then convince 6 different examiners that you're good enough to qualify. In other words, good enough to follow a consultant around a ward write down exactly what's said and then carry out the menial jobs that make up the life of a newly qualified houseman. Like arranging Mrs X's CT scan. I'm sure I could have done that when I was 16. Enthusiastically.
And if any examiner happens to be reading this (Prof?) please give me a C. I know I'm good enough but how to convince some arrogant twat in 5 minutes.

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